Key Return Service

Get a safe key return service by registering your Yoogo keychain.

The Yoogo keychains are engraved with a serial number. Your Yoogo is unique and provided with information so you can prove it's yours. A stamp inside the package provides the product's serial number and a linked control number that you will use for the registration.


To register the Yoogo keychain, send us an email at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simply provide us your


Serial Number

Control Number


The Yoogo keychain will be then linked to your email and name in our data base.


If you lose your keys, send us an email (with your same email address you used to register your keychain) to declare them lost.


If you find them yourself, come back and declare them found.


But, if someone finds your keys before you, there is a big chance this person will end in this page and click on:



In this case, we will contact you shortly via the email address associated to the Yoogo’s serial number.


We will retrieve your keys to send them back to you.


Or we will get them deposed to a safe place where you will be able to retrieve them safely.  


In any ways we will make sure that your identity will remain confidential*.

*: This key return service is totally confidential. The personal information of both, the owner and the person who found the keys, remains private and protected.