Yoogo Keychain Setup

The Yoogo keychain is NOT just a fob. It is first a management tool of your keys-set. And then, joined with your keys, it can be an effective defense tool if needed. To ease the learning curve and enjoy it plenty, please follow these simple tips and see why we propose them for the everyday and the safety application.

Tip 1: The long keys on the closest ring, the small keys on the second ring.

Everyday Application: Make a Full Turn!

This setup allows the second ring keys to make a full turn while keeping the Yoogo keychain between your fingers. Small keys are more likely used in locks requiring a full turn. Witch is rare with locks requiring long keys.

Safety Application: More Pain, Less Injuries!

This setup allows the end of the keys to arrive relatively evenly. So it forms a mass that is less penetrating than more uneven keys.

IMPORTANT: The ultimate objective of a defense action must NOT be to injure the aggressor but to create distance in order to escape the danger. So the desired effect on impact is spontaneous pain offered by contusion. Penetration through the skin or inner tissues is NOT desired because it does NOT offers more spontaneous pain but offers more permanent undesirable effects.

Please setup you keychain in order to demonstrate that you do NOT wish to inflict injuries. Please do it with the same objectives (regarding the use of force) we created the Yoogo polymer part:

- To concentrate the force in order to inflict unsuspected pain;

- To avoid inflicting permanent injuries;

- To protect your hand.

Tip 2: The most commonly used keys at the ends of each ring bunch.


Everyday Application: One Hand Handling!

This setup allows to easily find the most needed keys with one hand especially with bigger key set. Very useful when the other hand is holding something. Witch is a very common situation. For the other keys take more time (While holding the Yoogo between your fingers) or simply take your other hand ... as you did until now...

Pass from one POSITION to the other to reach the needed key.

Safety Application: More Vigilance!

After a while (about two weeks), this setup allows to be more aware of your environment. Simply because less attention and resources will be drawn by your keychain handling. It will become natural and you will get the needed key out of the bunch without even looking at it.


WARNINGS: The information in all forms found in the training materials presented by Yoogo Projections inc. is intended for information purposes only. The information is intended to inform about legal and/or tactical elements applied to personal defense and does not constitute a legal opinion. The actions presented are demonstrated out of context or during simulations where demonstrators wear protective gears. The actions been either demonstrated or described must not be applied to a person without justification of using force. Consult a physician before starting a training program.